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About Raven
That's Mistress Raven to you. Are you lonely, bored or just looking for an interesting conversation?
I'm looking for people who want to talk about anything like what's happening in America and the world, the arts, TV, spiritual growth or maybe even your more lustful desires. I don't care about your age and I NEVER judge, just so long as we have a great conversation that's all that matters to me!
That or I can just dominate you for my pleasure. Take your pick my pet!

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About Scarlett Rose
Your sexy Scarlett Rose here!
Are you looking for daring mysterious and sexy?
Then why keep looking when you have everything you need right here?
Come on let’s talk about those deep dark desires!
Call me right now!

EXT. 10

About Mistress Jen
My name is Mistress Jen.
I am seeking an older gentleman who wants/needs to be manipulated and controlled.
So connect with me and let me show you what I can do.
I have a multitude of toys available to arouse both you and I. I love to manipulate with pain because to me pain equals pleasure.
If I deem you worthy of serving me I will choose to fulfill your deepest darkest fantasies.
Connect now and don't disappoint me.

EXT. 11

About Gabby
Hi, I am Gabby and man can I talk lol.
I can talk about anything you want and/or desire. I am not like most girls.
I can talk to you about cars, comics and video games then give you a fine dining experience!
Have I mentioned I can please you in the bedroom like no other?
So if you are ready for an experience and conversation you won't forget then connect with me.

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